Tradinveste Corporate Advisors is positioned in a high market segment, usually operating with unlisted companies, with a turnover of more than EUR 10 Million. However, being enabled to meet the specific needs of each of his clients, regardless of their size, market position and development strategy.

This segment requires a high level of experience and training, and Tradinveste Corporate Advisors is able to offer an integrated set of services such as the ones offered by the Investment Banks and International Advisory Firms.

Tradinveste Corporate Advisors advises its clients giving them a global vision of the deal and a personalized approach.

Tradinveste Corporate Advisors follows all the Deal Process and is able to represent the client in meetings with other intervenients involved in the operation (lawyers, accountants, banks, private equity houses, third party advisors, etc.).

The work is performed on mutual exclusivity, forcing the company to not have competitors and avoiding conflicts of interest, giving an exclusive dedication to each client.

However, prior to the acceptance of the mandate, an analysis of the viability of the transaction is carried out and only those transactions with a realistic chance of success are accepted.